Intro We teach you how to increase your profits by refurbishing good OEM screens. Screen Repair
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In-Person Training

It may be tempting to use Aftermarket screens but by refurbishing the original Apple/Samsung LCDs’ you can charge more, have fewer returns, and have more control over the quality. One major reason for refurbishing is the high cost of replacement OLED/LCD displays that makes refurbishing more economically worthwhile
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Renewal Program:

Have a Pile of Broken Apple/ Samsung LCDs but don’t have the equipment and propensity to refurbish yourself? We are the people for you, Let us Refurbish on your behalf at affordable prices.
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Online Training Program

Don’t have time and funds to travel or location is the problem? No problem, we have found the best solution for you. Here’s What you need to know

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Expert in Repair

Screen Repair Lab is a dedicated service provider, who’s team of professionals and technicians support you right when you need it. We service tablets, and smartphones of most make or model, and offer an On-Site, or Online solution for your business needs. We strive to exceed your expectations, and can get you back up and going when you need it, and find new solutions everyday that can help us make life more productive and efficient for you.